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"How to Overcome Seeming Insurmountable Difficulties When You Discover What's at the Heart
of A Champion."

Good News: Your New Life Starts TODAY!

Tackling Life's Problems
by Vince Palko

This here game of life is just that - a game!

You win some days and lose some.

And football in many ways is like the game of life.

You start from any point on the field with one goal, trying to score a touchdown. Now this same mission translates over in your personal relationships, your career, your health, a goal you set for yourself and even slugging it out to get through the day.

Undoubtedly, while traveling this path from "point A" to the touchdown, its safe and sage to say that you are going to experience your set of headaches and heartbreaks, trials and tribulations, and maybe even a few problems. When the going gets rough is when we tend to turn inward and look for guidance.

If you have reached this point, then you have come to the right page for answers.

Hi, my name is Vince Palko, the author of Tackling Life's Problems. I wrote this book based on the lessons I learned from another "game" I became a champion in, football. Much of what I learned on the gridiron, just as my championship coaches imparted, were lessons for life. These principles and lessons continue to teach me and my coaching groups to this day.

Yes, football is a rough and tough sport.

But what most people do not realize is the extreme mental pressure the sport carries as well. Like how do you keep a cool composure when you are being attacked from every angle. How to juggle a plethora of plays and adjustments, oh and by the way, get ready because 11 guys want to rip your head off and take you out. So be sure to keep a level head, stay focused and take the proper steps to do your job efficiently and effectively so the whole team wins.

Can you relate to that last sentence? Does it sound like a typical hectic Monday morning at work with all your responsibilities hanging over your head and things to be accomplished?

You bet.

And this is one of many examples of life scenarios that I write about and apply my gridiron success secrets to in Tackling Life's Problems.

What you must remember is behind every problem lies a solution that is waiting to be revealed. Many times it doesn't take a complex formula to figure out the keys to turn your problems into great successes. Just a willingness to look the problem in the eye ball, acknowledge it and take a running start to blast through it courageously. Much like a linebacker running through a blocker to make a sack on a quarterback.

You can use this book to score whatever touchdown or goal you have set for yourself in your life. Most importantly, this book will tell you how you can experience success in even the toughest times imaginable, and how you can thrive when it feels like all hope is lost.

Additionally, when you hold a copy of this life-changer in your hands, you will learn:

What types of people are at the most risk for failures and frustrations - are YOU one of them? (Page 11)

8 simple steps to turn your problems into SOLUTIONS and move up in life. (Page 14)

How pro athletes handle mistakes. (Page 18)

If you want your child to grow up fearful, timid and with low self esteem...DO this!  (Page 32)

What Lance Armstrong said about "pain" and how you can apply this thought to demolish any life obstacle standing in your way! (Page 41)
How attracting wealth is easy when you follow a certain game plan. (Page 80)
Learn the ultimate money-making game that anyone of any age can apply to generate wealth. (Page 84)

Make $100,000, $500,000 and over a million dollars with this method virtually overnight. (Page 83)

Frustrated with your income and want to turn the situation around? Do this! (Page 78)

How one sentence can change your child's future forever - this item alone will shock you. (Page 30)

How to relieve physical pain without taking Tylenol or other medications.  (Page 45)
The single trait successful people share - including celebrities - that allows them to get whatever they want in life! (Page 139)

If your child cries after losing a game, what does this crying really mean? (Page 35)

The ultimate inspirational story - your problems will not seem so overwhelming after reading this. (Page 150)
How to transform anything you dislike to do into something enjoyable – guaranteed! (Page 139)

Erase wrinkles once and for all by using this formula - and I'm not talking about creams or vitamins either. (Page 129)

How to get more done with less time. (Page 86)
The secret to withstand any Novocain while visiting the dentist. (Page 114)
What a cold day in Cleveland has to do with turning your life around. (Page 140)

How to heal yourself naturally after any injury. (Page 72)

Learn what two things you can do when you make a mistake. (Page 24)

How an embarrassing story of finishing last taught me and my family one very important life lesson. (Page 99)
How to gain an edge on any competitor in athletics or business. (page 36)
You can never be defeated if you do this. (Page 16, 96 & 102)
Tweak this single habit and place yourself on the fast track to success. (Page 133)

Now you may be thinking, wow, that's a ton of stuff to pack into one resource. Well, that's only scratching the surface of the content inside this little gold mine, if I do say so myself.

This problem busting bible should be added to your arsenal of self-development treasures of information. That way you can access it whenever you are staring down one of life's 90 mile an hour curve balls.

For a limited time offer you can receive the book and special bonus CD for only $37 plus (S&H). I am down to 125 sets and when these are gone, they are gone for good.

So jump on this NOW and take advantage of this tremendous offer.


Vince Palko

P.S. I think Vince Lombardi said it best when he said:

“Running a football team is no different from running any other kind of organization – an army, a political party, a business. The principles are the same. The object is to win – to beat the other guy. Maybe that sounds hard or cruel. I don’t think it is. It’s reality of life."

(One of several dozens of drawings created by Vince Palko that appear in Tackling Life's Problems).




"Former pro football player Vince Palko clearly knows what he is talking about. He writes with an authentic voice; so real it feels like he is sitting with you talking one on one. There is a real sense that Palko cares about the reader and wants the very best for them. I got my copy just when I was feeling ready to throw in the towel. Coach Palko to the rescue. I couldn't put it down. This book is filled with inspiring personal stories and powerful practical techniques and strategies for TRIUMPHING over life's problems. Not only profound, it is also fun and full of humor. No airy-fairy stuff here; this book is grounded in real life and very concisely gives you what works. I'll take it over over a whole bookshelf of the typical motivational/self-help stuff any day."

David Grumbles


"I found this book very easy reading and beneficial for more than just athletes. In the game of life there are essentially two ways to tackle your problems, and the book makes it obvious through fun and interesting stories which way you should choose. Tackle your problems head on, or let them tackle you. The choice is yours. A very beneficial read, especially in this day and age."

Stephen Krupnik


“Vince, loved the book, sharing it with patients as it is in my library. Very good comments from people. I gave it to a couple of mom's on my kids team and they loved it. Just keep putting it out there!!

I've sent a copy to Karl Mecklenburg, he'll love it. Karl and I played together back in college."

Dr. Steve Edling


Your book was awesome! I loved reading it and could have read it in one sitting, but I was trading off driving duties while I was reading. It really outlined simle priciples that we take for granted and oftentimes don't want to take a realistic look at. I loved the part about your daughter and how competitive she is. I have now started talking with my 6 yr old son about how winning is important and how givving 100% is also very important if you end up on the down side of a competition. He gets it and it is very simple.
Thanks a million!

Rory Roman
Head Coach - Broomfield Jr. Eagles Wrestling


"Hey Vince,

Got the Tacklin Life's Problems book in the mail the other day. I think my favorite part is how just about everything in there is a story.

That also made it really hard to put down the next day when I was at work - so I read small chunks throughout the day and finished it before I left for the day. Surprisingly enough, I also finished several work projects that day... made myself so busy I got more done and finished the book. How bout that?

Oh, and the audio cd was a nice touch. Totally wasn't expecting that and it's great, thanks."

Andy Moose


“Vince - Great book. Actually on my 3rd reading as every time I read it, a different chapter/ principle shines through as daily life is anything but static. Keep up the great work."

Jason Grindall



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