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Dear Friend,

Welcome and thanks for visiting my website. This site is for doers, movers and shakers. People who are ready to make a change. People who are going to make it happen. Not those satisfied with just the status quo. Okay, so now that that's off my chest.

It's now or never to make a change within. And I have several products in different areas to support you with this intention if indeed you are looking to make a change to improve your life.

Hi, my name is Vince Palko, and I am the author and publisher of Underground Success Secrets™. On top of that, I've authored Tackling Life's Problems, Gridiron Mind Power™, Linebacker Fitness™ and created Triple Your Endurance and The Super Body Blitz™. I've also written a cutting-edge book on marketing entitled, The Art of Selling Using Cartoons. These are just a few of my amazing products sold all over the world.

On this website, you'll find a host of tested and proven systems you cannot find anywhere else on the 'Net, each guaranteed to radically change your health, your wealth, and improve the sales of your business. Exploring my site will place you on the fast track to the top. Here you’ll discover many Fitness and Success Products designed to kick-start your personal and professional development. They'll jump start your progress and help you achieve your dreams and goals.

One of the many things I miss about the sport of football is leading 80 men- as a captain - into battle on the gridiron. Now, I have the amazing opportunity to lead several thousands of people each day and all over the world into this game called life. Be sure to join the masses by signing-up for my Amazing Fitness and Success Email Newsletter, to get my secret tips delivered straight to your email inbox. Each day you'll receive my irreverent and often controversial tips regarding fitness and success.

Also, stop by my blog, Palko Power Posts. This is where you can find not only my daily posts, but also see my photos, illustrations and videos, all designed to enhance your success experience.

For now, here are a few great places for you to begin:

Give Your Son the Undeniable Edge to Excel in Football
How to Go from “Average” to “Outstanding” In Football Virtually Overnight without Improving Your 40 Time, Lifting ALLLL Day Long or Injecting a Drop of Roids!!
Read More About Gridiron Mind Power Coaching


  1 Secret Weight Loss Weapon - 1,000 Exercise Variations
Looking to ratchet up your fitness level quickly? I know of no better tool to improve your health than this Secret Weight Loss Weapon. It's a simple piece of equipment that 's been around for eons. It trained Roman Armies to modern day gladiators in sports like Boxing, Wrestling, and Football. Now exercise enthusiasts are using it instead of taking hours out of their day to run long distance. The reason is - 30 minutes of is equal to 1 hour of running.
Read More about Linebacker Fitness


  Super Charge Your Energy Reserves with Triple Your Endurance
Energy can be stimulated and channeled to make your life MORE productive, fulfilling and successful. The success you achieve directly depends on the energy you have. Triple Your Endurance lets you tap into a secret source of abundant energy so powerful you'll effortlessly flow through life tackling your dreams and achieving your goals -- regardless of your age.
Visit Triple Your Endurance to read more>>


  Double, even Triple, Your Leads with AdToons™

Are you tired of visitors treating your website like a turnstile-- always coming and going? If so, then you want to check out AdToons™, the hottest tool on the Internet for retaining and selling to visitors. These cartoons communicate to your audience your online marketing message in a fun and engaging way. The pop-up you'll see on this very page is an example of what I'm talking about.

Leonardo da Vinci was known as the Renaissance man for both his love of art and science and for his many talents therein. Many of my clients have dubbed me a modern-day Renaissance Man. I do the same thing da Vinci did; blend science (in MY case the science of selling) with my passion for art and cartoons into one POWERFUL selling tool.
See the AdToons story here>>


  Skyrocket Your Results with Revolutionary Personal and Professional Goal Setting Tools

To have the life you want and to achieve every goal you setrequires a keen vision of the future. One way to create this is to create a visual blueprint, a detailed road map of your vision, if you will. It is said that we humans think in terms of pictures. I have created a 100% visually-based goal-setting system called Success Visuals. It lets you see your future before you ever get there.

In addition to the visual success images for your mind to chew on, you need a scoreboard to track your success. My unique Goal Trackers™ - that are included in the Success Visuals system - seamlessly integrate and give you the laser focused knowledge you need to keep you on track, assuring you reach your goals.
Read more about this one-of-a-kind goal setting duo here>>


  Say "Heck No" to Cardio
Burn up to 3x as much fat as running at a steady pace without moving more than 15 yards!" Get control of your weight for the first and last time with the Super Body Blitz program.

Read more about this fat burning program >>


Get after it baby!


Vince Palko




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